Meeting the Brain Halfway 

Ever wondered why we enjoy completing specific tasks time and time again? The answer may seem simple, but it’s actually…. 

Understanding the brain’s role in task completion 

The brain is composed of a pathway called the mesosimblic dopamine system composed of the VTA (ventral tegmental area) and NAc (nucleus accumbens). This (VTA-NAc) circuit is a key detector of a rewarding stimulus Icahn. According to (Simply when one is exposed to a “stimulus” that may be rewarding such as meeting goals or eating a delicious meal, our brains respond by secreting large volumes of dopamine (Neurotransmitter) that create feelings of reward and pleasure.

The brain’s role in completing tasks

The Benefits of increasing Dopamine

When we feel good, we want to do good. Studies demonstrate that high dopamine levels make people feel good and allow them to repeat the trigger over and over again because of the arousal that they experience. @Goodhealth says actions that induce the release of dopamine to be activated may be anything from eating, listening to music, exercising, sleeping etc… healthdirect states that dopamine release in the brain has a significant part in both physical and behavioral health. Participating in actions that promote dopamine release while improving your health, can help build positive habits and improve your happiness.

While this may sound simple, and you may think that anyone can simply increase dopamine levels, it is important to understand that too much or too little dopamine has major effects on the body, says healthdirect and it should be tracked to get the optimum level suited to the individual’s needs.

Encouraging positive behavioral change with personal motivations

Having a platform like @YuviTal Health, where personalized health marks based on individuals goals, objectives and nonobjective parameters allow for personalized experiences to get the optimum flow of dopamine for individuals. These health marks and parameters were created in collaboration with our medical, nutrition, physiology, and behavioral economics experts.

With machine learning, our platform adjusts itself to the user over time. The goals are constantly changing and developing based on user activity, and accurate medical recommendations for each individual are adjusted accordingly. The YuviTal platform drives the users to make healthier choices and leads them to a long-lasting fundamental change in their behavior and lifestyle, enabling an increase in dopamine levels and a decrease in satisfaction .

We are able to influence any individual based on their own personal motivations and incentives. Therefore, the more individuals meet their health goals, the more they can expect incentives which means more dopamine levels. 

Acheiving a healthier lifestyle through brain health connection 

To better understand this further, health turns into actual profit. Therefore, the healthier policyholders are, the more health coins they earn. Social structures (like family, friends, and colleagues) are implemented in the platform to motivate an active lifestyle through groups and competitions. To keep users consistent, we apply psychological, behavioral economics, and decision-making theories to the platform, focusing on gamification principles for the best user experience.

With all of this being said, are you ready to help yourself and your policyholders to a healthier lifestyle and an increased dopamine life with YuviTal Health?