The YuviTal Platform

YuviTal is a global digital rewarding and loyalty platform for behavioral change and customer engagement. We offer organizations customized solutions to improve the lives of their members. 

Our machine learning technology incentivizes members to make better choices, primarily health-centered. We provide organizations with advanced real-time data to receive a full picture of member activity and lifestyle. Utilizing the data, you can make smarter organizational decisions and save costs by creating a more effective member experience.

  • The users are:

    • Making healthier and positive choices
    • Meeting their health goals
    • Competing with other users
  • The users earn digital health coins within the platform

  • They buy rewards in the marketplace

  • The organization receives meaningful real-time data to personalize the member experience


  • YuviTal


    Ideal for governments, municipalities, institutes, and unions.

    Strengthen your community and empower your members to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • YuviTal


    Ideal for life & health insurers, hospitals, HMOs, and any health organization.

    Decrease health care costs by empowering healthier decision-making. get access to valuable real-time data to leverage your personalized customer experience
  • YuviTal


    Ideal for employers of all sizes.

    Empower your team members to be healthier and boost their productivity. Upgrade your employee experience and elevate retention rates.
  • YuviTal


    Didn't fit any of the criteria?

    Create positive changes with our tailor-made solution. Receive your own customized product based on your vision and needs.

YuviTal Personal Health Mark (PHM)

The YuviTal Personal Health Mark (PHM) is a health metric calculated from a wide range of objective and nonobjective health parameters and goals.

A 100% PHM will vary from one person to another to provide the highest level of personalization. The PHM is a practical way for the policyholders to understand where they are staged from their health self-ideal.

For the insurer, it’s a way to get a numeric value for the health of each customer and accurately record the policyholders’ health improvement over time.

The Incentives Ecosystem

The YuviTal triangle is a triple incentive structure: Economic, Psychological, and Social. Based on the triangle, the YuviTal platform drives the users to make healthier choices and leads them to a long-lasting fundamental change in their behavior and lifestyle. Utilizing the triangle, we are able to influence any individual based on their own personal motivations and incentives. 

Economic Incentive

By meeting their goals, the users are earning digital health coins, with which they can purchase a variety of rewards in the platform marketplace. Their health turns into actual profit. Therefore, the healthier they act, the more coins they earn.

Psychological Incentive

To keep users consistent, we applied psychological, behavioral economics, and decision-making theories to the platform, focusing on gamification principles for the best user experience.

Social Incentive

We are all social creatures. Societal structures like family, friends, and colleagues are implemented in the platform to motivate an active lifestyle through groups and competitions. 

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