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  • Future claim savings
  • An improved underwriting process
  • Real-time data to personalize your policies
  • A better customer experience
  • To lower your lapse ratio
  • Loyal and engaged customers
  • The right data
  • Personalization
  • Profitability

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YuviTal Health is a customer engagement solution for insurers and health organizations to empower healthy behaviors.

Receive valuable data insights to optimize your customer experience, personalize policies, and lower potential claim costs. The perfect way to save on expenses while increasing retention rates.  Install app from the store

YuviTal Personal Health Mark (PHM)

The YuviTal Personal Health Mark (PHM) is a health metric calculated from a wide range of objective and nonobjective health parameters and goals.

A 100% PHM will vary from one person to another to provide the highest level of personalization. The PHM is a practical way for the policyholders to understand where they are staged from their health self-ideal.

For the insurer, it’s a way to get a numeric value for the health of each customer and accurately record the policyholders’ health improvement over time.



Stress & Mental Health

Sleep Hours & Quality

Health Awareness

Weight & BMI Calculator


Physical Activity

360° Impact

The PHM and health parameters were established in collaboration with our medical, nutrition, physiology, and behavioral economics experts.

With machine learning, our platform adjusts itself to the user over time. The goals are constantly changing and developing based on user activity and accurate medical recommendations for each individual.

More features

Weekly Goal

Weekly Goal

This focuses on physical activity and aims to direct the user to a target total number of steps and activity minutes per week. Although the app’s primary goals are daily, we take into account that, in reality, users have days where they exercise more than others. The weekly goal grants users health coins as bonuses for consistency and commitment.

The Challenge+

The Challenge+

Customized time-limited challenges that are set for the users based on their personal activity and adapted to fit their needs. These are used to strengthen under-performance parameters or improve certain areas specific to every user. Once completed, exclusive rewards are granted within the platform.

The Incentives Ecosystem

The YuviTal triangle is a triple incentive structure: Economic, Psychological, and Social.

Based on the triangle, the YuviTal platform drives the users to make healthier choices and leads them to a long-lasting fundamental change in their behavior and lifestyle.

Utilizing the triangle, we are able to influence any individual based on their own personal motivations and incentives.

Economic Incentive

By meeting their goals, the users are earning digital health coins, with which they can purchase a variety of rewards in the platform marketplace. Their health turns into actual profit. Therefore, the healthier they act, the more coins they earn.

Psychological Incentive

To keep users consistent, we applied psychological, behavioral economics, and decision-making theories to the platform, focusing on gamification principles for the best user experience.

Social Incentive

We are all social creatures. Societal structures like family, friends, and colleagues are implemented in the platform to motivate an active lifestyle through groups and competitions. 

Your organization
at the front - fully branded product

You get a new white-labeled product specifically customized for your organization's brand, colors, design, and needs.

It’s all about the data
all in one place

Access your admin dashboard and discover dozens of new and unique data points in real-time. Get to know your customers and reduce health care costs with higher personalization.

The users receive data too! They can track their performance within the app and find their own personal data and activity history.

Healthfor Health Organizations

  • Health care costs saving
  • Real-time data to personalize the member experience
  • Higher retention rate
  • Improved patient journey
  • Engaged and satisfied members
  • Long-term impact on your members’ health
  • 92%

    Of users report positive lifestyle changes

  • 98%

    Satisfaction rate with the platform

  • 92%

    Improvement in daily steps

  • 1.3

    Improvement of BMI score for obese users

  • 51%

    Improvement in intense physical activity

  • 39%

    DAU/MAU ratio

  • 4.5+

    Star rating across app stores

Case Studies

The cooperation with YuviTal helps us to head toward our preventative medicine vision. Their technology solves problems that conventional medicine doesn’t always have the tools to address, which is a huge advantage. The incorporation of gamification has proven to keep our members connected and engaged for a long time.

Iris Shtein Co-Director of the Telemedicine innovation hub at ARC Innovation at Sheba Medical Center