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  • A higher employee retention rate
  • An increased employee productivity
  • To reduce the use of sick leave and sickness benefits
  • An upgraded employee experience
  • A 24/7 employee wellness program
  • Improved communication in your team
  • To strengthen the members' sense of belonging to the company
  • To reward your team

Wellness programs will help your company thrive!

Every organization understands the importance of keeping employees happy and healthy, both at work and in their personal lives.

On average, every $1 invested in employee wellness provides a $6 ROI to the company. This is reflected by higher productivity, employee retention, less sick leave, positive employer branding, and more.

Give your team a unique way to adopt a healthier lifestyle and flourish in the workplace. You’ll be glad you did.

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Be there for your employees
anytime, anywhere

With hybrid work becoming more common, corporate wellness doesn’t only have to be at the workplace. With YuviTal Work, you can influence positive decision-making and choices around the clock.

No matter where your team members are, upgrade their lifestyle and show them you care both at work and in their personal lives.

Reward healthy behaviors

The users convert their health parameters into health coins which allows them to buy various products on the platform marketplace. By meeting their goals they receive bonus coins.

The health parameters and personal goals were created according to our medical, nutrition, physiology, and behavioral economics experts. With machine learning, our platform adjusts itself to the user over time. The goals are constantly changing and developing based on user activity and accurate medical recommendations for each individual.

  • Community interaction

    E.g., inviting other colleagues, joining groups and competitions.

  • Health awareness

    E.g., articles and VODs.

  • Physical activity

    E.g., personal daily step goals and workout self-photography.

  • Lifestyle choices

    E.g., gym entrances and appointments with nutritionists and personal trainers.

  • Offline and online activities

    E.g., registration management and reward attendance.

  • Weight loss

    E.g., BMI tracking.

The Incentives Ecosystem

The YuviTal triangle is a triple incentive structure: Economic, Psychological, and Social.

Based on the triangle, the YuviTal platform drives the users to make healthier choices and leads them to a long-lasting fundamental change in their behavior and lifestyle.

Utilizing the triangle, we are able to influence any individual based on their own personal motivations and incentives.

Economic Incentive

By meeting their goals, the users are earning digital health coins, with which they can purchase a variety of rewards in the platform marketplace. Their health turns into actual profit. Therefore, the healthier they act, the more coins they earn.

Psychological Incentive

To keep users consistent, we applied psychological, behavioral economics, and decision-making theories to the platform, focusing on gamification principles for the best user experience.

Social Incentive

We are all social creatures. Societal structures like family, friends, and colleagues are implemented in the platform to motivate an active lifestyle through groups and competitions. 

Your organization at the front - fully branded portal

You receive a closed portal for your company only, specially customized to your brand, colors, design, and needs.

It’s all about the data
all in one place

Access your HR dashboard and discover dozens of unique data points in real-time to better understand your employees and measure project impact.

Your team members have access to data too! They can track their performance within the app and find their own personal data and activity history.

HR 360°

Not only employee wellness. With YuviTal Work, you can operate much more HR needs.

Manage registration for offline and online events

Reward for event attendance

Share information and
news with the team

Grant holiday gifts

Conduct surveys

Celebrate occasions

  • 92%

    Of users report positive lifestyle changes

  • 98%

    Satisfaction rate with the platform

  • 91%

    Testify feeling more connected to their colleagues

  • 96%

    Testify feeling more connected to the company

  • 38.5%

    DAU/MAU ratio

  • 4.5+

    star rating across app stores

Case Studies

I highly recommend other companies to join YuviTal Work. Not only do our employees become healthier and more productive, but they feel appreciated and have increased satisfaction with the workplace. The competition between departments is my favorite feature, it really boosted our employees’ involvement in the project.

Hila Ben Ezri HR Manager at Electra

YuviTal Work has brought our employees much closer together. They really enjoyed participating in group competitions and comparing health achievements. We felt a growing sense of community within the company. Our team absolutely loved the program!

Yeva Markovitch VP HR at Hachshara Insurance Company
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