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We utilize behavioral science to promote various activities and behaviors that align with your organization's goals. Empower your members to engage in desired actions and earn rewards with us. Explore the possibilities of YuviTal Plus now.

Empower your Organization

To lead healthier lifestyles while engaging with them around the clock. Build stronger connections with your members and tighten the interconnections within the community.

Health competitions

Auction for Rewards

Read Trending Health Articles

Weight & BMI Calculator

Relieve Stress & Mental Health

Workout Videos on Demand

Incentivising healthy choices

Our platform allows your organization and its’ clients to convert their health parameters into health coins, which can be used to purchase a wide range of products on our marketplace.

Your data all in one place

We put the power of data in your hands so you can, make informed decisions and take your organization and its' clients wellness to the next level. Access real-time data points and gain full control over your organization and its' clients performance.

With our all-in-one platform, you can easily track and measure project impact, while your organization and its' clients enjoy personalized data insights and activity tracking within the app.

  • 98%

    Of users Report positive lifestyle changes

  • 92%

    Of users report platform satisfaction

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    Feel more connected

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The incentives ecosystem

YuviTal Plus is a triple incentive structure: Economic, Psychological and Social

Based on the triangle, the YuviTal Plus platform will drive your organization and its’ clients to make healthier choices and leads them to a long-lasting fundamental change in their behaviour and lifestyle.

Utilizing the triangle, we are able to influence any individual based on their own personal motivations and incentives.


To keep your organization and its’ clients consistent, we integrated psychological, behavioural economics, and decision-making theories to the platform, emphasizing on gamification principles for an excellent user experience.


We are all social beings. The platform incorporates societal structures such as family, friends, and colleagues to motivate an active lifestyle through groups and competitions.


Your organization and its’ clients will earn digital health coins by fulfilling their goals, which they can use to purchase a range of incentives from the platform marketplace. Their wellness becomes real profit. As a result, the healthier they act, the more coins they earn.

Case studies

Providing our policyholders the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle through the YuviTal Health innovative solution, was a game-changer. In addition to their fantastic customizable product, it has been a pleasure to work with the YuviTal team. We can already observe incredible results.

Tsahi Sadovski Maof La'amit Project Manager from Movement