Competition rules

How do the competitions work?
We have two competitions in the YuviTal app, allowing you to win prizes, products or Health Coins! The number of winners can change depending on the choice of the organization- which means that there can be more than one winner. When you open the app, the step count is updated. You can sync a smartwatch with the app so that all your steps will be counted, without having to carry the phone with you.
Are your steps not counted? You can find the solution in the Q&A in our side menu on the homepage Inside the app.
All competitions start at 12:00 am.
We have two types of competitions:
1. Total amount of steps. This is an individual competition between all members of the organization
2. Average of steps. This competition is held between the various teams in the organization.

How are the teams divided in the competitions between the teams?
The organization divides the members into teams according to a common denominator.
Your team members will participate with you in team competitions. If there is a change in the teams, it will be according to the requirements of the organization only.

How are my team’s daily average steps calculated?
Every member of the team contributes steps.
The average is calculated according to the cumulative number of steps divided by the total days of the team members in the competition. It is important to remember that the steps are “updated” every time you open the app, if a member of the team has not opened the app, their steps will not be counted! This will lower the teams average until the same team member opens the app and their steps will add up to the teams average.

How is my average daily steps calculated?
Just like in the team calculation, we summarize the number of steps you have taken, and divide by the number of days that have passed from the beginning of the competition (or from the moment you have joined the app – whichever is later).

What about friends that don’t have the YUVITAL app?
Team members who do not have the app will not be considered in the competition. You can invite them to join and help your team win!

Why are there team members with 0 steps?
The steps are updated every time you open the app. When it says 0 steps – probably the member has registered for the app but has not logged in to it since the beginning of the competition, so 0 steps will be registered for them until they enter the app. In team competitions – this can lower the team average until the same team member opens the app and their steps are added to the average.
Encourage them to open the app so that the steps are calculated on the team average! Every step counts.

How does the Total Steps competition work?
In the total steps competition, the winning member is the one who at the end of the competition – has accumulated the most steps since the beginning of the competition. It is important to remember that the steps are updated every time the app opens.

The steps in the competition do not match my actual steps
If you think there is an error, please contact support at email: [email protected]
If the system suspects “cheating”, the system will automatically download steps to the same person or team.

I won, how do I receive the award?
First of all, congratulations! If you came as an individual or as a team to the place that won the award, we will update you and ask you for details that will help us pass the award to you if necessary.

Do not forget!
Open the app before the end of the competition.
From the moment the competition ends, no new steps will be updated in the competition, not even those that are within the competition range.