YuviTal Health: A digital wingman for healthier policyholders and advanced data collection

Alon Silberberg CEO

Prioritize Prevention- Take Charge of policyholder Health with YuviTal Health

Do you find policyholders are only seeking medical help when they are already sick? It’s time to take a proactive approach to health with YuviTal Health. By using this digital platform to track their daily activity and eating habits, you can help your policyholders identify areas for improvement and prevent chronic illnesses before they develop.

Unlock your policyholders Health Potential with Personalized Recommendations from YuviTal Health

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. With YuviTal Health, your policyholders will receive personalized recommendations on how to improve their health based on your individual needs and goals. Empower them to take charge of their health and unlock the full potential with YuviTal Health.

Exercise with Confidence and Gather Valuable Data for Personalized premiums

YuviTal Health uses advanced AI and Virtual Reality tracking technology to help policyholders track their exercise and ensure correct technique. Your policyholders risk of injury will decrease significantly, as will their risk profile.

Benefits of YuviTal Health for Insurance Companies

YuviTal Health offers a unique opportunity to personalize premiums, increase profitability and incentivize healthy behaviors. By gathering data on an individual’s health and fitness habits, insurance companies can identify individuals who are taking proactive steps to improve their health and reduce their risk of chronic illnesses. 


YuviTal Health offers a proactive approach to healthcare and personalized insurance benefits that incentivize healthy behaviors. With advanced AI technology and personalized recommendations, you can take charge of your health and prevent chronic illnesses before they develop. Additionally, insurance companies can provide added value to their policies and increase customer loyalty by personalizing premiums and creating rewards programs.

Let YuviTal Health be your digital wingman and take the first step towards a healthier you and a happier insurance company. Because life’s too short to be sick and broke!

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