Solving Life’s Problems with Food

Yafit Galili Author

Yafit is (M.S.) Exercise Physiologist and Sports Clinical Nutritionist

How many of you express your feelings through eating? Because you know that food cannot solve your problems. Eating will distract you from the problem for a few moments, but immediately after, you will have overwhelming feelings of guilt / failure / self-flagellation, which will make you feel worse. It all starts with awareness, so you are now invited to identify the situations / feelings that cause you to act automatically.

These are a few suggestions for ways to solve the issue without eating:

Do you eat as compensation?

Do you eat to make up for a difficult and busy day? To compensate for disappointments, frustrations and sadness?
Had a bad day? Engage positive thinking

Remember that tomorrow is a new day * In any event, think of at least one good thing that happened or more – try to help someone with one thing – you will feel much better * Say three good things you have in your life out loud * Talk to someone close who makes you feel good * Go for a walk with a friend or partner or along, walking will disperse the bad feelings * Watch a comedian that makes you laugh * Repeat the mantra: It could be worse.

Disappointed / frustrated? Check the reasons for your expectations of the moment that caused you to feel this way and close the gap between expectations and reality.

Do you eat because you have too much to do?

Stop multi-tasking and concentrate on one thing at a time * Write everything down in organized lists. When tasks are moved from you head to paper / cellphone, we have more room to think * Remember that it is okay not to get everything done – prioritize. Learn to tell the difference between important and urgent.

Do you eat because of feeling of uncertainty, expectation or because you are waiting?

In situations of uncertainty, it is important we remember that we do not have control of anything. The only thing we have control over is our body – we decide what we eat and how we operate our body.

Do you eat because you are tired?

Turn off your screens and go to bed earlier. Have a nap during the day if possible. Check if you have an iron deficiency or maybe you haven’t had enough to drink – both cause tiredness. Do some exercise, even for a few minutes – it will raise your energy levels ( see article on Power Activities Vs Aerobic Activities).

Do you eat because you are stressed?

Difficulties making decisions, perfectionism and not letting go of control – each of these can make you feel overloaded and/or stressed and cause you to eat more.

Make sure to raise your vitality levels. Physical activity raises cognitive ability and a general sense of ability (by releasing substances in the brain), creativity and the ability to find solutions. Stand more at work, use the stairs more often.

Do you eat because you are in physical pain?

Take a pain killer. Physical pain can have consequences that are no less serious than the side effects of a pain killer.
To summarize, food is used to distract, for taking a time-out from life, but it only lasts a few moments, and then the bad feelings caused by eating – return twofold.

Food is not the answer to your emotional problems, it just makes things worse!

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