Know your clients

Insurer? You need these 3 elements in your core business

Like it or not, we are operating in a new era, different options combined with
cutting-edge technology allows us to shift the power in the insurer-policyholder’s
relationship to the last – in a massive way. So, the question is, “How can I, as a leader
of a typical insurance company increase our profitability whilst still playing in the field
that is controlled by the policyholder?”
In my opinion, in order to make this possible, you will need to implement these 3
elements into the core of your business

Data – “The new oil”: Get to know your clients.

Firstly, know the risk, learn about their typical lifestyle, how they maintain their
day-to-day health and wellbeing. Secondly, You need to know what makes them tick.
As well as how you can minimize the risk and improve your marketing approach.

Know your clients
Get to know your clients

UX & Engagement

In the world of digitalization, we are so consumed by all things digital, it is crucial that
you go the “extra mile” for your client, and in the meantime collect and analyze real
time data, which will help you to better understand their experiences from your
offering. To maintain this, your clients will need to engage with you, on a regular basis
for a long period of time.

Loyalty by Rewarding – Give the people what they want:


Be the proactive and the positive factor in their lives. Personalized incentives and rewarding mechanisms will help them change their lives for the better and, at the same time, increase your company’s profitability.


YuviTal Health is the ideal platform for both insurance companies and reinsurers, to
help them manage their risks and increase their profitability through the collection and
analysis of data, which then generates meaningful insights in real-time.

Our platform creates the perfect balance between the customer’s experience,
incentives, and rewards, that aid in the collection of data in the spheres of health and
life. Today more than 1.7 million members are making use of our platform, not only are
we seeing an exponential improvement in the profitability of the insurance companies
but so too, we are seeing health change in the lives of the policyholders.

Our Deputy CEO, Kobi Berebi explains it the best:
“Instead of taking a risk, take YuviTal and make wiser choices.”