Employee wellness program

4 reasons why you should implement an employee wellness program

In reality, success cannot grow to its full potential unless employees are in prime health condition. If you want your employees to perform at their best, you shouldn’t just have them show up to work everyday and stick to the same routine. Get them doing something different, engage with them a bit more, create something meaningful through company competitions, or even just reward them for their good behavior through incentives. All of these are reasons that having an employee wellness program is so needed. Yes, employee wellness programs will benefit the employee, but so too, it will improve the entire reputation of your company and more, which in today’s world is heavily valued.

Read on to find out how embracing employee wellness programs can really turn both you and your employees around.

You’re encouraging productivity

Your employees are the starting point for everything: output, efficiency, and turnaround time. By
building stronger employee health, you enable greater health and performance. According to Dr. James
Pope, CSO for Healthways, employee productivity loss is associated with “poor health behaviors,
elevated health risks, and fatigue.” By utilizing an employee wellness program, you will encourage your
employees to live a healthier lifestyle, which will boost both their productivity and performance (and
their health, of course). Psychologist Shawn Anchor found that employees who are happier are 31%
more productive than those who are not.

Improved camaraderie

Improved camaraderie

Employees who build trusting relationships with one another, have improved communication, greater
cooperation, and more innovative problem-solving. Incorporating company competitions, such as
steps of the month or sporting activities, is a great way to get your staff up off their seats, create
meaningful relationships, and work together toward a common goal. Furthermore, the more
connections your employees make with their colleagues, the better the work environment will be.

Increased retention rates

Think about it from your employees’ perspective for a minute: if they’ve established strong bonds with
coworkers, increased their output, and are immersed in a positive atmosphere, why would they ever
want to leave? Debra Wein, CEO and founder of Wellness Days, says if you show you value your
employees and their work, they will feel a greater sense of engagement, which creates greater work
motivation, and this makes them more inclined to stay. If you invest in building lasting relationships
with your coworkers and employees, you’ll reap the benefits for the long haul.

You can prevent sick days

Ever heard of “Health is Wealth”? Well, according to Harvard Business Review, each dollar invested in
employee wellness yields $6. Furthermore, not only do wellness programs build strong relationships
and increase productivity, but they also support your employees’ physical and emotional well-being by
reducing stress and encouraging regular physical activity, which means fewer days are taken for sick
leave, expenses decrease, and, in turn, employees are healthier. With that being said, the Gallup
Sharecare well-being index surveyed 94,000 US employees and found 77% had chronic health
concerns, which led to extreme costs for organizations needing to find alternative methods to continue
working. The more often your employees take sick leave, the more fees accumulate.

Employee wellness programs are without a doubt a must-have for both you and your employees,
regardless of where they work. Show them that you value them, and how you can change their health,
keep them satisfied, and fulfill their goals. It only takes five minutes to set up your YuviTal work, so what are you waiting for?

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Employee wellness program