Five habits to get rid of and replace with new ones

Yafit is (M.S.) Exercise Physiologist and Sports Clinical Nutritionist

Yafit Galili Author

Do you eat while carrying out another activity?

Imagine this: You are sitting at a table, there are no screens, and there is a giant bowl of popcorn in front of you. Can you eat the entire amount without doing anything else? Probably not.

On the other hand, if you were watching a movie while eating the popcorn, would you finish it? Probably without even noticing. When you eat while watching a screen or talking on the phone, you are not concentrating on eating, but on the other activity. This results in your eating more than you would if you were not engaged in another activity. 

Recommendation: Concentrate on eating and do not engage in another activity when eating.

Do you eat standing up and in instalments?

You eat standing up and walk back and forth to the fridge / kitchen – this is called eating in instalments. The problem with this behavior is that it is considered as uncontrolled and unplanned eating, which causes bad feelings and self-flagellation. Moreover, if you have eaten something unplanned on one of your “trips”, it may be food not counted as eaten.

Recommendation: From knowing yourselves – take everything you think you might eat in these instalments, put it on a plate and sit down at the table. You will suddenly see how much food there is in comparison to “snacking” and you will be able to reduce quantities. In addition, over time you can choose to make healthier choices.

Do you use the elevator?

You have legs and you are healthy? Then, there is no reason for using the elevator. Even brushing your teeth once does not maintain the health of your teeth, but twice a day for two minutes each or your lifetime – does the job.

Recommendation: Use the stairs at work, at home, when taking the children on a play date. Even if you have shopping – take one bag with you every time and see it as a workout.

You don’t exercise because it requires effort and you don’t have a spare hour?

Exercising is more rewarding than the effort it requires. If pharmacists had to invent a pill that provides a solution for all the mental, cognitive and health issues a person has – they would turn physical exercise into a pill.
The problem is that we often define physical exercise as something that requires effort or something that should last an hour.

Recommendation: Regard physical exercise as something that refreshes the soul and not as exercising. Exercising is a way to refresh, by yourself or with a friend. Take a time out and make a date to do something that is easy for you, like walking. The difficulty many times is actually going out to exercise, but if you define something that seems easy to you – you can get going easily. Meet with friends / family members for exercising instead of meeting for coffee or a meal. In addition, take advantage of time spent with the children to exercise. Sport is also an activity.

You don’t drink enough water?

Just like a plant that wilts when it doesn’t get enough water, the same goes for you. When you don’t drink enough, your body feels stressed and less energetic. It also causes you to eat more.

Recommendation: Drink more water – drink a glass of water before you eat, even before a small snack or before drinking something that is not water. Women should drink 2 liters a day and men should drink 3 liters a day.

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