Empower Better Choices for

your Members to Make

your Organization Thrive!

Incentivize positive

and healthy choices

with the YuviTal

Reward and Engagement Platform.

Get a full picture of member activity

and lifestyle with our advanced

Real-Time Data to allow your

organization to make smarter

Decisions and Benefit Financially.

Choose the Customized Solution forYour needs

  • YuviTal


    Ideal for life & health insurers, hospitals, HMOs, and any health organization.

    Decrease health care costs by empowering healthier decision-making. get access to valuable real-time data to leverage your personalized customer experience
  • YuviTal


    Ideal for employers of all sizes seeking a comprehensive wellbeing program.

    Empower your team members to be healthier and boost their productivity. Upgrade your employee experience and elevate retention rates.
  • YuviTal


    Ideal for any organizations who want a rewarding and loyalty platform for their members.

    A Customized rewards program tailored to your unique needs to encourage and promote desired activities and behaviors for your clients and their members.

Client Stories

I highly recommend other companies to join YuviTal Work. Not only do our employees become healthier and more productive, but they feel appreciated and have increased satisfaction with the workplace. The competition between departments is my favorite feature, it really boosted our employees' involvement in the project.
Hila Ben Ezri HR Manager at Electra
The YuviTal Com solution has not only encouraged the members to make healthier decisions but has allowed us to promote community values, overall wellness, and more. We received enthusiastic responses all around, especially to the rewards offered as incentives to achieve a healthier lifestyle.
Tsahi Sadovski Maof La'amit Project Manager from Movement
The cooperation with YuviTal helps us to head toward our preventative medicine vision. Their technology solves problems that conventional medicine doesn't always have the tools to address, which is a huge advantage. The incorporation of gamification has proven to keep our members connected and engaged for a long time.
Iris Shtein Co-Director of the Telemedicine innovation hub at ARC Innovation at Sheba Medical Center


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